Case Study: Meet Misir Guru

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Misir Guru is Metlife’s lovable cartoon and Insurance detective. The innovation core at Lumen Labs has created Misir Guru as an ambassador for their insurance products with the purpose of answering frequently asked questions and common misconceptions regarding insurance.

So where does Trump Tree fit in?
When MisirGuru joined hands with TrumpTree, the two forces combined to find out how Bangladesh felt about insurance.
After extensive surveys and a relentless pursuit of market knowledge, we have delivered ground breaking content month after month. Our content, both rich in substance and strategic direction have helped transform the perception of insurance in Bangladesh.

The result – Misir Guru has amassed a massive following on facebook, educating millions about the benefits of insurance while relieving objections that trouble potential buyers.

Our combined efforts have been a fascinating learning experience in creating awareness. Insurance Companies experienced more queries about insurance since the campaign has begun and observed greater acceptance of insurance products in Bangladesh.
TrumpTree’s involvement with Misir Guru has also raised the bar in social marketing by creating behavioural change in the insurance market.
Misir Guru is still ongoing, and we hope to keep digging for more secrets the insurance market holds. We will continue to add value by digging up the pain points and objections to Insurance products experienced by Bangladeshi people.

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