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SmartLaunder laundry service
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SmartLaunder is the Uber of laundry delivery, or at least that’s what we like to call it. This new startup has everything going for it – No direct competition, talented founders,abundant investments and a market ready for change. So, when we partnered with SmartLaunder, we here at TrumpTree360 expected an easier ride than we had. But as with everything in life, good things don’t come easy.


Our campaign with SmartLaunder is a great example of how we can use Social Media to elevate brands to a coveted position of recognition. From the get go, we realized that we would have to delicately guide our customers through this journey. A lot of careful consideration went into designing ads, we had to tread lightly in case our audience misunderstood our service for Detergent/Washing Machine commercials. In the end, we went through a lot of trial and error before we found a formula that worked.


.Farhana ordering online laundry delivery via smartlaunder

We toiled for over four months developing the SmartLaunder brand. Over this course, we used Social Media to raise awareness, communicate pain & gains and drive traffic to their websites. The power of social media as always shocked us in pleasant and surprising ways. We used tailored data to create audiences; data we collected from customers, page visitors and web page visitors.


TrumpTree360 is also responsible for creating the “meet Farhana” campaign – where we set up a fictional character called Farhana in everyday situation (related to laundry), and guided our audience on what,why and how to use SmartLaunder.  Thanks to Farhana (and Trumptree360), SmartLaunder is creating waves in the laundry industry and disrupting a challenging new market.

Meet Smartlaunder's buyer persona

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