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After graduation, I felt lost. I was new to Bangladesh, its work culture and the industry as a whole. So what does a newly appointed digital marketing manager do? Before I tell you my story let me give you a heads up, I graduated with a degree in Economics and had little knowledge other than a intro to Marketing class to guide me on my new found journey. On my first day of work, I was tasked with promoting my company to thousands of potential clients and not much else to go on.

In the following days I learnt about Facebook marketing, instagram influencers, SEO, Google Adwords and twenty five other buzzwords I still like to use to sound brainy in front of my colleagues.But I still didn’t know or had the time to learn all of these things in the short timespan I had to achieve targets. So what does a new guy do at a new job he has no idea about? He hires a media agency.


Now hiring the right agency might as well have been as hard or even harder than learning how Digital Marketing works but after meeting a few digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh and solid advice from friends, I believe, I cracked the code to hiring the right agency for any company.


Here’s a few tips to find the right agency for your company based on my experience as a digital marketing officer.


The first step to hiring any marketing agency in Bangladesh is understanding your company’s marketing requirements. Ask yourself, your colleagues and head of marketing what your objectives are. Are you raising awareness? Do you want to increase sales? Once you have a clear understanding of your objectives, move on to the elements you need for execution. Do you simply need some design work done? Or maybe you need media buying from a local tv channel. You could be in search of a cinematographer who could create a tvc. Whatever the need is, write them down.

Done writing? Good.  Now comes the hard part, looking for a marketing agency that can get the job done.


Google can be helpful to find agencies but users beware, there are way too many agencies and finding the right one can be risky business. In my experience, a quick search will lead you to the top agency in Bangladesh quickly. But in case you have forgotten, this isn’t a guide to find the best agency but a beginner’s intro to finding the right one. So remember, when looking for an advertising agency, gauge the type of marketing each company specializes on.


If you are looking a digital marketing company focusing on google adwords or facebook marketing, then a good way to sort the wheat from the schaffe is to look for good case studies on digital marketing. A strong digital agency who is competing for marketing work should know how to market itself. And what that means is that when you are browsing through an agency’s profile, there ought to be detailed reports of case studies, campaigns, and examples of successful promotional efforts.


Alright! You’ve gone through case studies after case studies. You’ve memorized all the services each agency specializes in. Now it’s time to pick someone out. Before making that first call asking for a pitch, read about the agency and look at the weight of their portfolio. Do you believe that the scope of your work matches the size of their previous projects? Take good consideration of the fact that just like you wouldn’t pick a small company to complete a gargantuan task, a large advertising agency wouldn’t want to pick a small project to work on. If your project is small, pick a small or medium sized agency with considerable experience in similar projects.

When I called my first agency, I made the mistake of calling the biggest names in the industry. The project was small and the payment was just as meager. The end result turned out that we had a couple of meetings, going back and forth with big-name agency only to find out that their quotes were much higher than our budget. The only take away from this experience was that, when hiring an agency, look for one that’s within your budget and fills your requirements. Otherwise, not only do you waste an agency’s precious time, you waste your own.


There are plenty of budget agencies who work for cheap in Bangladesh. In fact, there is a joke that goes – “throw a stone blind-folded, chances are it will land on an agency’s door”. So finding one within your budget is not a difficult task. The challenge lies in choosing a truly creative agency on the rise.


Buyers beware.


Whether it is discovering a creative agency to do your promotional work or life in general, we tend to be drawn towards all things shiny. This tendency brings us to opt for pretty graphics and shiny motion videos. Yes, graphic design is an important aspect of marketing. But it is not the only aspect. Be careful to lookout for an agency’s attention to detail, their dedication towards client service and most importantly how ardently they are giuded by data. In this day and age, data is king. And if an agency is driven by anything but that, they don’t deserve your time of the day. While it is difficult to obtain large scale data in Bangladesh, a competent agency is capable of doing their own research at a smaller scale but test their hypothesis to a significant sample.

A marketing agency should be able to give you a good return on your investment and that is the proper way to look into any agency. What are you getting back in return for your time, effort and money on them. Lastly, I would like to confess that there is no sure fire way to choose the right agency on our first try, just like you are unlikely to find your soul-mate on your first attempt at dating. The smart thing, start small and go up in your budget with your agency as you develop your relation and trust in their abilities.

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