5 Tips to elevate your food photography skills

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Use neutral colors

It’s only natural that we would want to cram as many colors that we can into the frame. But what’s important is that we should give in to those tendencies. Remember that our focus is on the food and not the surrounding background. That means- too many colors equal to too little focus on the food. So go easy on the props & background and opt for more neutral tones. If you are unsure of what colors can be considered neutral, visit the coolors.co site and play around with some neutral color palettes.

Use a diffuser

The best pictures come out in natural lighting as opposed to artificial lights in your home or restaurant. Having said that, you still need a diffuser to bring out the best shots. Diffusers control the amount of light that enter the room and consequently, the amount of light on the food. Direct sunlight can be too harsh and pictures taken in such lighting conditions will create harsh shadows and sharp reflections. The diffusor can create a huge difference by spreading light across the room and not focusing on any one surface.  

If you want your food photography to compete on the same level as some of your favorite Instagram feeds, watch the bite shot ’s tutorial on how to properly utilize diffusers in your food photography.

Choose your angle

You can take your pictures at any angle you want but these three angles that tell your food story better than any other:

The first is the top shot. Use this when the food occupies a large surface area but doesn’t really tower on top of each other. The top angle is the perfect angle (in most cases) to show-off the presentation of the food.

There are some cases where the top shot doesn’t do the food justice. Case in point would be foods with multiple layers such as a juicy burger. In which case we’d very much suggest a front view shot. You can add some more artistry to your photography game by cutting a cross-section and layering it like in this picture here.

Lastly, the 45-degree shot is a great middle of the road option between top and side-shots. Versatile, elegant and a clever way to display your background.

Use simple props

While props can elevate your photography, like everything else in this list, it must be used in moderation and kept as simple as possible. A simple tip to remember, use a few of the main ingredients present in the dish in the background. For best results, use similar colored plate and cutlery.

Add oil for a glistening effect

Brush your food with a small amount of olive oil for a glistening effect. This makes your food come out as fresher and visually more appealing. A word of caution, not all that shines is glitter, so don’t go overboard with the oil trick on all food types.


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