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Some would say it’s time. Nay! It’s way past time you had a website designed for your brand. If you are running a company in 2019, one thing you need to get on board with is that facebook pages are for boutiques. Websites are for Brands!

There is a conception that websites are expensive and difficult to maintain which, to be frank, is just plain wrong. New technology and online tools have made websites an easy to master tool in your online marketing arsenal.
But if you are still looking for a push, here are 5 reasons you should be managing a website along with your facebook page:

1.It’s easier to find your products on a website

Pages order products based on posted date. As a consequence, older posts don’t receive much needed (organic) reach to new audiences and create a sale. Websites resolve this problem by showing people products based on their searched keywords and previous purchases.

2. There’s more room to provide customers with important product information

Increase sales by providing more useful information about your product: include pictures from different angles, colors, and size to see how easily traffic leads to sales.

3.Complete ownership over your brand

Website: You own your website. That means you have control over the look,feel and user experience.
Facebook: Facebook is a third party website. Yes, you can post your logo and a cover pic but that’s it. With Facebook you’re at the mercy of its algorithm, which controls your reach, engagement, and outlook.

4. Show your ads on multiple platforms

If you’ve ever visited an E-commerce website and the products you’ve searched on their page follows you everywhere (including Facebook, instagram and various websites), you’ve just witnessed the power of retargeting. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be displaying your ads on multiple platforms as well.

5.Utilize Facebook Dynamic Ads

Upsell or Re-sell to your existing customers. Automate your Facebook ads by integrating E-commerce websites to Facebook. You can now select products automatically based on pages your customers visit and create ads based on past preferences.


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