Content Marketing Tips & Tricks: Part 2

How to plan your content strategy


Content Marketing Tip # 2

How to generate blog ideas

Writing is fun but it’s also functional. A good blog not only allows you to practice your writing chops, it also tells your story. Which is why it’s more important than ever to have a solid strategy of how to create blog ideas that are interesting and helpful to your reader.

Here are some considerations you should put into your content strategy:

  1. Create Buyer Personas: Every company blog should focus on solving a problem. That can’t happen unless you know your customers well. So, the easy trick is to generate a buyer persona or an ideal customer if you will and find out problems he/she might be facing
  2. Ask yourself if you can solve the said problem: If you are a proud owner of an Ice cream shop in Dhaka, you shouldn’t be writing about how to manage your finances. You could be good at it, but that’s not what your audience expects from you. Stay relevant, write with a purpose.
  3. Add something of value: A great philosopher once said, everything that could be thought of has already been said. That holds true of content marketing and blogs. The content you create (in all likelihood) has been created before. However, you can still add great value by being creative. Add infographics if your competitors blogs haven’t. Blend in your own sense of humor to make it more personal. The door is open for a million opportunities.You can also follow this step by step guideline to remind you how to create exceptional content:
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