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Hello Netizens! This week, I’ve decided to start off a microblog that focuses on small but significant content marketing tips for marketers out there. You may have heard of this, you might even be using it in your content marketing strategy. Today’s content tip is called Content Recycling.

Now, seasoned content marketers are creating Recyclable content all the time. Although, a lot of people call it by different names. Here’s what I mean by recyclability:

  • Good content that are adaptable in various platforms.
  • Content that inspires a follow up.
  • The type of content that you can take a small chunk out of and establish as its own stand alone content.


 Let’s talk examples:

A blog that can be condensed into a listicle.


A content like this one can be transformed into a beautiful infographic or a bite-sized quote for Instagram.

Don’t believe in the power of recyclable content? Try including recyclable content into your content marketing strategy and see how you can save time and effort but still churn out quality content day in day out.

Blogs are great content marketing tools




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