Fed up with your Advertising Agency? Here’s what they’re probably doing wrong.

Raise your hand if you’re simply not getting the desired results from your Advertising agency.


Chances are you’re not alone. More brands are losing faith in advertising agencies than ever before and that’s just the start of a shifting tide of in-house agencies.

Almost a year ago, I wrote an article about finding the right agency for you which outlined how to find agencies that fit your needs. The same words ring true today as loud as it did when I wrote it.

But as long as you’re stuck with the wrong agency. Here’s what you could dig into and see if they (marketing agency) is doing right:


  1. Creating Buyer Personas: Buyer Personas are one of the most essential exercises in understanding your audience. A thoroughly researched persona provides a walkthrough on how to connect with your audience and create content that is personalized for your buyer.
  2. Conducting A/B Tests: Marketing is not an exact science, neither is it art. It could, however, be the combination of two. Which makes it necessary to test out all your marketing efforts with an A/B testA/B testing for Marketing Campaigns
  3. Using multiple platforms: Facebook marketing might be all the rage in Bangladesh right now but that doesn’t mean your agency should be ignoring other platforms. According to a marketing study, buyers are 4x more likely to buy if they see your ad in multiple platforms.
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  4. Using a broad audience: The broader your target audience, the lower the CPC. With all the rush to lower your CPC on the internet, we tend to forget whether our marketing is reaching the right people. The best agencies out there will strike a balance between low CPC and narrowing your target audience to the point it only reaches an audience who is likely to buy your product.
  5. Not Paying Close attention to the data: PPC marketing is a data analyst’s game. Your costs are constantly fluctuating. While it’s good news if your CPC falls down but things can quickly go south if costs start rising. This is why the Best Media Buying Agencies always keep a close eye on their metrics. Better yet, they set autorules that automatically turn off low performing ads.
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