How to improve social media engagement online

Before we go into the nitty gritty of social media engagement, first understand why social media engagement is important and why it matters.

Social media engagement helps strengthen the relationship you have with customers. With improved and deeper relationships customers have an opportunity to get to know you better.

They engage more with you. And build a thriving relationship.

Understand the different hats that social media wears

Social media is a front to answer customer questions. Add a bit of playfulness into your replies and go above and beyond basic customer service.

Social media engagement improves customer loyalty. Help customers in need through social media and they’re loyal for life. The additional benefit? Other people also see what you’re doing and appreciate you for the same.

Customers begin to trust your brand more. They like and love your brand and express their sincere thanks for your help.

But where should you engage more? A study from Planable says that Instagram gives you the highest levels of engagement.

The other benefit is as a direct result of the trust and loyalty building efforts you will improve sales on social media. You’re projecting yourselves as someone who can be trusted. Be active on social media responding to what customers say and with that, you will get them to make purchases on your store. You will be able to respond to customer complaints as well. The insights you gain should help fuel your content marketing efforts. You can turn around those complaints into press release pitches.


Be active and positive

When prospects see you being active and responding to customer complaints they gain more confidence in your brand. This has a direct impact on sales. You should even respond to negative comments.

Here’s why. When you respond with positivity and tell customers how to resolve an issue in a calm demeanour you improve the trust others have on you. The sales and purchases you see on your eCommerce store are the direct result of the trust you create among people.

Recommend products only if necessary and avoid turning every response into a sales plug.

If you just focus on customers, the sales are going to come anyway.


Grow the number of followers you have

To improve social media engagement, the first thing you must do is grow the number of followers. The more followers you get the more engagement you’re going to derive.

One of the best ways to grow follower counts is by posting content regularly. If you post relevant content and people begin to tag their friends and people they know— that naturally translates to higher engagement for you.

How to grow the number of followers? Create unique content. Don’t be afraid of experimenting. For instance, for my blog posts I always take to social media to research and post content. Create your own content and also repost and reshare popular content you find elsewhere. Include graphics, funny gifs, viral videos, and more such things. Virality is a function of the quality of content you create and will improve your following.

Just don’t send them to a slow loading website.

Engage with customers

Another quick way to grow the number of followers you have is by engaging with customers. Remember social media is about being social. Brands tend to ignore that. Creating and posting new content is a crucial step of the social media optimization process. So is engaging and communicating with customers. Once you do, people begin to avidly follow your page. And they will also recommend the page/profile to other people. You get traffic to your posts and landing pages.

Redbull does this very same thing on their Instagram. Each of their posts get 100s of comments and they reply to everything and everyone. This will help you generate more engagement to content around your products.


Collaborating with influencers can also help fuel brand growth. You want to collaborate with everyone who has an audience similar to yours but a slightly different core focus. If you sell  natural makeup, focus on influencers who promote organic things. Collaborate with others in your field. Get in touch with eCommerce agencies.

Tap into their audience and grow yours. In return, provide them with the same opportunity. Collaboration can take many forms like contests, giveaways, blog post reviews and so on.

Use tools for social media automation


Planabe is a great tool that lets you build and also track social media posting and engagement. With the tool you can automate content. Add 10 posts in the queue and also automatically add hashtags to posts. Tag relevant brands and influencers. The tool also features a shortener for you to use and add images and graphics to your content. With Buffer you track social media engagement, retweets and mentions.

Or else use Buffer and Hootsuite which do the same things.


Canva is one of the greatest free design tools around. With the tool, you can tailor-make unique content that fits the dimensions of each social media channel. It’s something like photoshop but without those tutorials. It features a friendly drag and drop editor that lets you add and modify graphics. The additional benefit of using Canva is that you can repurpose the same image for your email marketing campaigns as well.

So these are my tips to improve social media engagement online. What do you think?

Author bio: George blogs at KamayoBloggers, a site he recently started to share WordPress and blogging tips online.

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