Why we changed our Logo

“Killing off our logo was never an

easy decision.”


The longer a logo stays with a company the harder it is to change. Logos carry baggage. It has history. Its own unique legacy. This is why changing our entire visual identity system was excruciatingly difficult. But as time exposed the glaring necessity to fix the problems of our old identity, the decision started becoming painfully clear that we needed to rethink our identity.
Our team of designers and strategic planners sat together to discuss how we could move the brand forward without repeating the mistakes of the past. The result is our new logo and accompanying brand identity which was designed to be as different from the old one as possible but still relies on the lessons we learned from working with the previous design.

Here’s what we did differently with the new brand identity:

  • We reduced the number of colors in our logo down to one. This made it easier to use our new logo in different backgrounds.
  • The new brand identity system has a wider range of color palettes. Our designers love the freedom and new possibilities this opens us up to.
  • The new logo works wonderfully both online and on print. It also shows great visibility at different sizes.
  • TrumpTree360 represents the trump card in a deck of playing cards. Which is why we chose a spade to represent our brand. However, we struggled to create a Spade that wouldn’t easily fit in with a random deck of playing cards.This changes with the new logo.
  • The logo itself can be more used more playfully.

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