Our Services

Strategy & Analytics

We help businesses grow by reaching out to their customers by providing effective communication & advertising solutions. How do we do it? At the core of our marketing efforts lie a people-driven approach where understanding our audience becomes a top priority. We help companies collect data through surveys, as well as reach out to research institutes and government offices where relevant. Our drive for data brings together science and art to create astounding marketing campaigns for your company.

Brand Identity

A complete brand identity package includes logos,typeface, stationeries and even the tone of communication your Brand adopts. We help you by creating comprehensive identity guidelines that are consistent with your values and differentiate from the competition. Our team strives to take your brand identity from good to great to larger than life.

Digital Marketing

TrumpTree360 helps you reach out to customers in all digital platforms available in Bangladesh. Do we do Facebook Marketing? Yes. Google Adwords? Yes. Linkedin? Yes. When we say digital marketing, we mean we do digital marketing. If an ad can be shown on a Smartphone, Desktop or a tablet, we can bring your company’s ads to the screen.


Search Engine Optimization ensures that people who are searching for your products can find you at the top of search results. Our SEO experts will analyze your website, rank your position against competitors and devise smart SEO plans that will help your website climb to the top of search results.

Film & Photography

The film & photography team brings your brand to life by creating astounding content. Whether you need to wow customers with beautiful pictures of your product, turn heads with a fashion shoot for your clothing company or create a delightfully memorable commercial, TrumpTree360 offers a full range of production assistance.


A lot of agencies have a tendency of deviating from a company’s brand identity, damaging years of branding efforts in the process. With us, you will find a design philosophy that encourages consistency while managing to be imaginative and distinguished from the competition. We take our design skills to all possible mediums including print, screen,merchandising, social media, web and more.

Media Buying

TrumpTree360 has a host of media buying options. We deliver your content to all standard platforms including social media, Google ads as well as local channels such as TV,radio and newspapers. Check our list of partners for a full list of media outlets where you can display ads.

Community Management

Digital platforms like Facebook are providing new avenues to connect with customers and collect user feedback, complaints and appreciation for your brand. However, as your company grows and the number of customers who are communicating with you increases, it can be challenging to stay in touch with everyone. This is where we come in. We provide trained professionals who communicate with your customers on your behalf and keep the community engaged.

Web Design

Did you know that total size of E-commerce around the globe is $2842 Billion Dollars? Yet, it’s only the fraction of the business being generated on the internet. We can assist you in building stellar websites that converts traffic (page visits) to tangible sales. Our skilled developers and design team work together everyday to build company websites that are informative, eye-catching and entertaining when the need be.


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